TinkerPlots Workshop (by invitation only)

We are thrilled to welcome you to the second TinkerPlots workshop, which will take place on Wednesday to Friday, February 12-14 2014 in Israel.

The second workshop is part of an international collaboration between three research centers: Statistics Education Research Group (USA), Tinkerplots.de Research Group (Germany), and LINKS I-CORE (Israel). It is continuation of a fruitful collaboration between the Statistics Education Research Group headed by Cliff Konold (USA), the German statistics education group headed by Rolf Biehler including Daniel Frischemeier and Susanne Podworny, and the Israeli statistics education group headed by Dani Ben-Zvi including Einat Gil, Hana Manor, Keren Aridor and Aviad Rotboim. This collaboration started three years ago at the first TinkerPlots workshop in Kassel, Germany (Feb. 2011). 

The aims of the collaboration is to create a vibrant learning community as a basis for collaboration in the area of statistics education research and development using TinkerPlots-based learning environments, to share research and design ideas and experiences on statistics tasks and learning trajectories, teachers' development, tools and curricula in school and university levels.

This collaboration is supported by:

Data Games Talk (open to the public)

We are pleased to invite you to a special talk that will be open to the public during the Workshop:

The talk will be given by Prof.  Cliff Konold, Director of the Scientific Reasoning Research Institute (SRRI) and a Research Associate Professor at the University of Massachusetts Amherst, USA. The focus of Prof. Cliff Konold's talk will be on "Data Games" that are designed to support students' Statistics reasoning. The talk will be given in English, and will take place on Thursday, February 13, 2014, 16:15-18:15, at Kibbutz Dalia.

Please bring computers in order to experiment the "Data Games". The games don't work on tablets.

For more information see the Open Session Page.